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In the fashion business for over 35 years, Victor Colvin won Best Dressed in high school wearing thrift store clothes that he was getting a local tailor to alter for him. Shortly after, he started sewing as an elective during his senior year. He entered a class as a way to be around a room full of girls (being as though he was such a ladies man), and took interest in it. He received his first sewing machine from 1 of his 5 sisters that she found in a vacant house that was next door to where he grew up. He then set up shop and started sewing out of his mother's basement.  
He sold his first collection out of West 57, an upscale boutique nestled in Wash., DC's prestigious Georgetown Park Mall, as well as Ricey's Boutique of Georgetown, not long after graduating. His career got a major boost when he was selected over 30 other designers to appear in (the now defunct) Ebony Man Magazine. He went on to become the recipient of a couple of design awards, which include the Best Sportswear Designer of the Year 1982 (Joyce Mills & Associates), and the Couture Award for Outstanding Young Designers 1983-84 (Deb Tech Consulting Service).
In recent years, he has done freelance designing, manufacturing, and/or consulting for over 40 urban lines in the Washington Metropolitan area, such as Mchunu, All Daz, Shooters, and Madness, just to name a few. Under the moniker of VMAC, he and his former partner launched their own line in 2001. It included playful, trendy urbanwear, vivacious couture, and racy, eye-catching swimwear.
Victor debuted his Victor Hou Collection for DC Fashion Week II in 2005. He has been featured in many publications including, Black Mens Magazine SSX (Swimsuit Extra), DaBook, Black Hair Sophisticates, and DC North. He has also appeared on several cable TV shows in DC, MD, NJ, and NY. Celebrities such as Taraji Henson, Kima (of the Bad Boy Records group, Total), Allen Iverson, and Jaheim have all adorned themselves with Victor's pieces.
In Nov. 2015, he became the recipient of Designer of the Year of the New York Fashion Awards (Heartland Model Agency) for his ongoing contributions in the Fashion Capital. He also showed 2 mini-collections for New York Fashion Week with Plitzs Fashion Marketing,(one of which will be launched on in Summer 2016). 
Victor can be contacted for custom orders, photo shoot styling, event rentals or fashion shows.




Victor Hou Designs collection includes (but is not limited to) day and cocktail dresses (which are his specialty), eveningwear, streetwear, swimwear and menswear. His masterful implementation of sweater knits, stretch velvets, nylon spandex , laser cut stretch vinyl and hologram print fabrics (just to name a few) are used to obtain the flattering fit and exquisite styling that is sought after by today's sophisticated woman. Victor Hou constantly strives to move forward and experiment with new ideas and technological advancements, infusing classic detailing with nouveau silhouettes, resulting in a combination of tradition and innovation. At Victor Hou, we take great pride in combining outstanding designs with quality craftsmanship to ensure the utmost satisfaction from our clientele. 

Fashion designer Victor Hou Designs
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